1st day with meds (30F) PI : ADHD


Well clarification. First full day with meds. Took my first dose yesterday at 5…not a great idea lol. Anyway. Mind freaking BLOWN!!!

When I see people write “is this what normal people feel like” I GET IT! For real? I’ve been seriously wronged these past 30 years! I can’t believe how calm my mind was. I felt so much more in control of my mind and my words! I had a serious problem with impulsive responses. I have quite a few kiddos lol so it was very obvious to me when their many many questions didn’t even seem to phase me.

I was reluctant to try the Adderall I was prescribed (10mgs twice a day) thinking maybe they got the diagnosis wrong. NOPE! I feel like I can finally be the best version of me!

I could have been so much more successful in life. But I won’t dwell on that. Can’t change the past, but move forward, putting our best foot first.

More detailed post about the day maybe tomorrow.

Also. I never experienced any “crash” that I’ve read so much about. Does that tend to happen more often the longer you take Adderall? Really interested on long term effects. Felt the typical euphoria mentioned with my first dose but not today. Just…calm…at peace, and not over burdened by every little task.

For clarification. (30F) predominantly inattentive just diagnosed. Prescribed Adderall 10mgs 2x daily. What are the chances of me needing to seek a higher dose? How long to these initial affects wear off(not the euphoria) but the calm, “ ok, I can do this” feelings?

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