A productive use of time : ADHD


I procrastinated over (and stressed over procrastinating over) writing my CV all day.

Spent the ENTIRE day playing the same videogame, while trying to convince myself I was going to get to my CV “later”.

At 11pm I had a sudden burst of “productivity”. Did I write that CV? HELL no. I went through my email account, assigned tags to all my house hunting and employee consultation-related emails, then whittled down almost 7k emails spanning three years, unsubscribing from old mailing lists as I went.

I have a very organised inbox now, but it’s 3am and I’m wired and probably not going to sleep so great. Time to spend inordinately long choosing an episode of We Hate Movies to fall asleep to, one that’s fun but not too fun, because I don’t want to waste it knowing I won’t come back to it later.

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