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The ADHD community has focused and continues to focus on the needs and stories of white ADHD. This is not okay. This is systemic racism.

Recognition is the essential precursor to change. Only with acceptance can we take steps to heal.

Healing can only begin when we acknowledge and remove the source of pain and injury. That’s on us. We acknowledge and understand systemic racism is baked into mental health and the ADHD community. It is real. It is not okay.

ADDA has work to do. We cannot let you shoulder the burden alone anymore.

Adults with ADHD, ADDA is your family. That’s true regardless of the color of your skin. And when your family does things you don’t like, you call them on it. You still love them. It’s because you love them that you call them on it. And even though you’ve called them on their crap, you know they still love you.

Yes, ADDA is that kind of family.

We are inclusive. We value diversity, cultural competency and equity. And we will do better.

We hear you. We see you. We stand with you.

Here’s what we have done:

  • The ADDA Board will be taking our first Antibias training.
  • We have an African American/Black Diaspora +ADHD Peer Support Group.
  • We are diversifying our Board.
  • We have a blog section on our Web site called “Black Like Me with ADHD” for Black authors.

This is only the beginning. We will do better:

  • We will expand our offering of groups and events for the African American/Black Diaspora adults with ADHD.
  • We will offer our platform to amplify the voices of Black authors and speakers with ADHD.
  • We will ensure ADDA’s leadership and content reflects the community it serves.
  • We will prioritize awareness and advocacy campaigns that reach all communities, especially the Black community, during ADHD Awareness Month and beyond.
  • We will be an anti-racist, anti-bias organization inclusive for all groups. We recognize the African American community is in pain now. But we have work to do to meet the needs of all members of our ADHD family.

We will do more. We want to hear your stories, concerns and ideas.

We want to make ADDA home for all adults with ADHD.

We hear you.

We see you.

We stand with you.

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