Adderall and learning/skills : ADHD


I have Adhd and I’m also a painter. When I take adderall I can paint things I wouldn’t normally paint. They are usually much more complex and intricate. Adderall allows me to completely zone out and hyper focus on my passions and hobbies. It just makes me wonder what the psychological pitfalls of this are and what is really going on here. Socially adderall does weird things to me, so when I take it I always like to be alone. People always ask me if I’m okay when I take adderall and go out socially. I get very quiet and serious… it zaps my personality. So…I feel Adderall allows me to harness my absolute FULL level of creativity which I will say is quite high considering I’m falling into the profession of being a full time painter with the side gig of being a profesional framer. (I’m not trying to be braggy at all I just have a lot of ideas about the manipulation of material, time, and space as I’m sure many of you do.) Im positive ADHD is in some ways incredibly frustrating to live with, I’ve failed at so many things, I guess what gets me are the friendships and relationships I feel I’ve failed at. It’s kind of depressing… I know ADHD in some ways enables the a creative mind like no other. It’s sort of mind boggling how much I love learning things and absorbing information. Again this is not braggy…it’s just kind of like…weird or, I don’t know…it’s a certain feeling. I guess this post is me just being curious as to what others do with their hyper focus/Adderall usage, as well as their thoughts and the trade off of failing hard at relationships/friendships/mistakes/perceived stupidity/ growing pains and then unbounded limitless creativity. Just posting this here because there is not really anywhere else to post this. Thanks for reading.

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