ADHD and Organizing your Files. : ADHD


I don’t like it when my desktop and personal files/folders are messy and unorganized, yet I can’t seem to be able to do anything about it.

my desktop, personal folder, and ‘downloads’ folder are always A MESS you can barely see my wallpaper due to all the random files covering my entire desktop screen.

I clean my desktop once every two months, feel good about it, and vow to keep it clean by putting all the files I download in suitable organized folders. fast forward to a couple of months later.. and what do you know.. ITS A MESS AGAIN.

Oh and I have like 4 external HDDs full of movies and tv shows and most of it is just an unsorted mess. (‘Untitled folder’, ‘untitled folder 2’… ‘aaaa’, ‘okay’, ‘gggg’.. )

is anyone else like me? and does this have anything to do with ADHD ?

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