ADHD and time (mis)conception: A short story


Light from window behind me in home office irritates me. So decide I need to move home office.

Medicated executive function reminds me to check whether the move is practical.

Ask partner. Supportive partner says do what makes me comfortable.

Ok. I'll move it. Won't take long.

Wait, first, prepare snack for later. Apple! And darkchocolate. Healthy. Seek validation from partner for healthy choices by saying this is for later.

Ok office. Move things. Wow I've got a lot of stuff. Oooh, been looking for that. Hmm, where's the other thing that goes with this thing that I was looking for. Back to moving office. Probably need to vacuum. Vacuum. Finish moving office now surrounded by things. So many things.

Set up desk, tidy things nicely into cable box thing. Hmm, yes. Nice. Oh crap no. Desk is too unsteady for giant all-in-one monitor desktop and laptop. Ok, need to rearrange again.

Partner: Did you want this apple.

Yes a snack for later.

Partner: You realise it's 16:00?

Yes….a lie.

Guilt about lie. Didn't realise it's been two hours. Panic now. Oh yes, move desk again to something more stable. Get apple. Nibble apple. Put apple down. Oh yeah, need to wipe that surface. Wipey wipe. Move stuff. Meh to cable box and tie and now everything can just live in a bundle. Finished… and now the apple tastes like soap or something.

The end.

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