Adhd is getting excited about things you really shouldn’t get excited about : ADHD


I will sound like a psychopath for saying this but here we go: Whenever someone close to me has an accident, needs to go to the ER or other bad stuff like that happens, I get weirdly hyped about it (well, in the beginning at least). Like, my brother just had to rush to the ER because they suspect appendicitis and I’m like: “Stuff. Is. Happening. YES!”. I also get excited when such stuff happens to me, like I almost chopped my finger off last year and had to go to the ER. Yes, it hurt, but mostly it was like: “YES, finally something’s happening, wohoo!!”.

It’s completely stupid. I know adhd makes you crave stimulation, excitement and change. But I find it highly disturbing that it actually also makes you get excited about all these things you really shouldn’t be excited about. The only good thing really is that your emotions do eventually catch up with you and the hype wears off. But still like wtf?

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