ADHD isn’t exactly a lack of concentration, it’s a lack of control over it. (presented in a poem!) : ADHD


I get myself some breakfast – a cuppa and some cereal.

I start eating (faster than the average human, ofc).

I pause and notice my guitar, lying nearby.

Don’t pick it up.

Don’t pick it up.

I know that if I abandon my breakfast, bad things will happen:

My tea will go cold

My cereal will go soggy

Don’t pick it up


I pick the guitar up.

Cold tea.

Soggy breakfast.

It’s all I need to get me regretful

and soon I’m thinking

how I can’t do anything right

how everything in my life feels OUT OF CONTROL

how it feels out of my control

as if I’m hurtling in orbit

or sometimes simply drifting in space

and you know, I’m always trying to hide it

cos I feel like a FUCKING DISGRACE

What kind of adult can’t just eat their fucking breakfast?

What kind of adult can’t complete their work?

What kind of adult_

I stop.

I open the fridge.

I look at the milk.


Thank fuck I picked up the guitar.

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