ADHD stops me from having proper conversation.


And it becomes worse with time I constantly lose interest in the conversations I have unless I am in hyperactive state. Sometimes reality slips out of my mind and I forget where am I or that I've even talked. It makes me say stupid things out of pure necessity to converse with someone and to be liked, things that I don't even think. For example I talked shit about some random person just to be funny and I don't even wanted to just kinda happened. They heard me tho and nothing excuse my assholery and I feel fucking bad. I constantly try to say "normal" things so people don't give me that look and think I am fucking insane or something (you know what I am talking about). It exhaust me to this state where the things I say are impulsive and I have this out-of-body experience. The only way to avoid that Is to be myself but people just make fun of that person. Have anybody had any similar experiences and how do you cope? I don't think that I am an introvert I love it when I have quality time with people but the whole filtering thing really destroys my enjoyment of social interactions.

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