After a full year of testing and waiting, I finally received a prescription for adderall! : ADHD


I started lurking on this sub reddit about 2 years ago and found myself extremely empathetic towards everyone’s stories and problems here. I was at rock bottom, completely bombed 2 semesters, started gambling, and stopped showing up at work. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have medical insurance at the time but I was sure I had a mental issue. I ended up buying a bottle of adderall from someone in hopes that it would help me. The month that I took those meds, my life did a complete 180. I started enjoying work, I kept up on all my tasks, chores, hygiene, etc. Then it ran out. It took me forever to get on the phone and get the insurance. But I did. It took me even longer to contact a psychiatrist, but I did. After 24hrs of testing drawn of over 9 months, I was diagnosed Bipolar 2 / ADHD. They gave me Trileptal first and today they gave me the Adderall. It was a long road, but I hope things will get better from here on out.

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