Akili’s digital therapeutic launches early for housebound children with ADHD


In response to recent COVID-19 guidance, the company is releasing its video game-like treatment to  qualifying families at no cost, and without explicitly requiring a doctor’s prescription.

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I’m about to start my senior clerkship, and due to the COVID19 pandemic our school is offering us two options: (1) delay our senior clerkship and graduate several months late, (2) begin our clerkship online, and graduate punctually (no agreement has been made about how long this online portion will last, basically until the pandemic settles down).

As far as I know, online clerkships have still not been approved by any state medical boards, and based on my brief consultation with…

Legal Ramifications of Online Clerkships?

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Hi all, not really a urgent question and nor am I extremely worried, but just looking for some discussion on this topic. I am wondering with universities such as BU already declaring that they may not be opening this coming fall (Attached link below) but instead moving fall semester until next summer (Summer 2021). If the situation does get worse and more universities actually follow BU, would fall med school enrollment for 2021 be delayed for those students who cannot graduate until the end…

COVID 19 – Med School Enrollment Implications

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COVID-19: Medical School Exams 2020


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I was just wondering what other medical schools in the UK are doing regarding their exams? (Particularly for second year students.)

Glasgow, where I study, have made it an online exam, asking it to be closed book…

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Authors: Alzoughool F, Alanagreh L
The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has infected nearly 400,000 individuals with 17000 deaths since it was first identified in human populations in December 2019, in Wuhan, China. No antiviral therapies or vaccines are available for their treatment or prevention. Passive immunization PI through broadly neutralizing antibodies that bind to the specific antigens of SARS-CoV 2 might be a potential solution to address the immediate health threat of COVID-19 pandemic while vaccines are being developed. The PI approach in treating COVID-19 is discussed herein, including a summary of …

New procedures are now available through telehealth as the world shifts to a new normal using telemedicine to meet social distancing guidelines tied to reducing the spread of coronavirus.

The National Abortion Federation ’s 44th Annual Meeting was to have taken place in March in Washington, DC. While the Supreme Court, with an unpredictable dedication to precedent, was considering a challenge to abortion access in June Medical Services LLC v. Russo, another crisis occurred that halted the meeting and has, so far, reshuffled abortion access in the United States and around the world. Although abortion providers are accustomed to offering care in a rapidly shifting environment, COVID-19 has made us urgently review clinical protocols, patient flow, and staff interactions in an effort to halt the spread of…

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Radiology has key role to play in the midst of COVID-19

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