an earplug makes the perfect fidget toy! : ADHD


if you guys are looking for a great fidget toy/item, try using an earplug! i discovered that it works well for me because it’s squishy & small so i can easily hide it in my hand & make it into a lot of different shapes/sizes. the texture is also really nice & it doesn’t make any noise.

just for background info: i’ve tried other fidget toys (the cube, bike chains, etc.) & some of them have worked for me, but the reason why i’m excited about this is because of how small & noiseless it is. as an adult, i’ve found that my fidgeting can be distracting for other people & embarrassing for me. but an earplug is small, doesn’t make any noise, can be easily hidden, & (most importantly) it’s stimulating enough for me!

i hope this is helpful! also, if you have any other fidget toys/items that work for you, please feel free to share them in the comments.

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