And that’s why you ALWAYS leave a note… : ADHD


Guys, he left a note. HE LEFT ME A NOTE.

My husband is a freak of nature where he can remember things without setting alarms, or without writing things down, or without tracing and retracing his steps over and over again. So he has a very difficult time understanding how my brain works.

The past few years, my brain has been in overdrive (ADHD + severe mom brain) so I cannot remember anything. Things I’m supposed to do every day, or something that may seem routine to most people, is a HUGE chore for me to remember. I’m constantly forgetting to do things and my husband blames this on a lack of communication, but it’s honestly I just. can’t. remember.

Queue summer. We have a pool. Typically my husband is in charge of pool maintenance, but since I work from home (especially now), he relies on me to turn on the pump or do some small daily tasks that may need to be done. We have been at each other’s throats because I have forgotten to turn on the pump for the filter quite frequently. Which then in turn, turns the pool green. Well since i have 700000 other things flying through my brain, I didn’t think to add it to my list. So he tells me that I should “just know this stuff after 3 years” and then I suggested sending me a text when something needs to be done as a reminder. He says that he’s busy and can’t always do that.

Well guys, I woke up to a note today. “Turn the pump on at 10am! Love you!”

He has never once written me a reminder note. Guys, I think he’s starting to understand that I’m not just ignoring him or purposely forgetting things. He wants to help me!

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