Anybody find it a bit ridiculous that people aren’t allowed to share their own experiences with medication? : ADHD


Whoops well that’s 90% of what I have done here. Basic pharmacological explanation. What works for me. Why some medications cause the effects they do. Disclaimer of “not a doctor” and source of “first hand experience” always included.

Half of the questions I see on this forum are “I was just put on this, or this is causing that, or what works for you, I’m having trouble”. How are you supposed to lend help to those individuals without the entire comment section of the page being “ask your doctor” and that phrase alone?

I actually try my hardest to give very detailed, deliberate, and accurate to the best of my ability and research, answers to questions to people who need to know. I also love moral support too. But anyways, a lot of the questions asked on here are a few sentences, but require a larger answer to respond.

For instance, why Dexedrine(Dextroamphetamine) and Adderall(75%Dextro 25%levo makeup) are so different in effect profiles? Because Levoamphetamine is responsible for a lot of peripheral CNS responses that come with taking amphetamine. Such as racing heart, high levels of anxiety, paranoia, etc. It (Levo) gets most of its effects through triggering the release of noradrenaline. Which, will indeed help you focus, but it also activates your fight or flight response. Which, can amount to anxiety. Dextro, while not having the peripheral side effects, is also x3 more stimulating, and sometimes, oddly enough, it’s actually hard to tell if it’s working, until you try to relax. And that’s my personal experience. Trap baited.

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