Anyone feel the same? : ADHD


I was in the middle of being diagnosed with ADHD before I could no longer see my psychiatrist because I had to start taking care of my dad. He prescribed me Straterra but nothing changed.

My dad eventually moved back with his family which meant I had free time again. I took 4 college classes online that were evenly spaced on with the due dates and I started to work on a side project.


But as much as my heart is into doing all of that or anything really, my mind gets exhausted for focusing on something for a moderate amount of time. After I push myself to focus on whatever it is I am doing I end up feeling like my brain is sputtering like a broken-down engine that can’t go any further until I get some sleep.

It’s even affecting my relationship with my partner. She will ask me why I am exhausted when I have been on the computer all day while she has just gotten home from an exhausting job. I tell her that when I focus on anything for too long I get extremely tired. I feel like she thinks I am making this up and even tells me I don’t have it.

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