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Q: Are there specific coaches or occupational therapists who specialize in legal profession / education–i.e. developing strategies to ‘work around’ the problem area / EF deficit to accomplish the specific tasks and goals unique to that setting (i.e. law school, a specific course like evidence, various practice settings (big law vs. solo) or stages in ones career (new associate vs. partner).

The legal profession is a ‘learned profession’ which means that our ‘value’ is measured / connected not only in the ‘what’ we learn (i.e. content) but how we learn that content (i.e. learning abilities / executive functioning skills) but because our profession is one built on concept of apprecenticeship, it further matters ‘how we effectively teach that knowledge’ (i.e. pedogogy of knowledge) to younger associates and clients.

I’m not sure by reading your email if you are already treating your ADHD or not. But I will assume since you emailed the question through ADDA you have some type of working knowledge.

From what I know, some coaches are very strategy oriented when it comes to ADHD. They will meet with you and help you develop the scaffolding and supports you need to be more successful at work and home. While other coaches will discuss mindset and your beliefs about your ability to manage life with ADHD.

I do know that Casey Dixon specializes in legal professionals, professors, and other ADHDers with demanding careers. I believe she has group programs as well as individual coaching options. I’ve met her and she’s fabulous!

Here is a link to her website –

Also check out the directory from ADDA –

There are some great coaches out there. Just make sure they are trained and certified.

Good luck! I did some research for attorneys years ago, it was no joke.

Keep in touch. I always say, we are stronger together.


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