Cannot stress enough – Guided Meditations are your best friend. : ADHD


I’ve got the triple threat like a lot of us do – AD(H)D, generalized anxiety/panic disorder, and depression.

For SO long I vehemently opposed any suggestion of meditation out of fear that I could not do it, or could not do it perfectly, because of my monkey brain. But guided meditations really are the perfect solution and a totally valid form of meditation.

I’ve spent the last few weeks dedicating myself to completing at least one guided meditation a day, sometimes two, and it has been a game changer for me.

I challenge myself to do it RIGHT AWAY when I feel any anxiety or restlessness. If I stop and try to decide whether or not I should, I don’t. You know the drill.

Ive been using the app Insight Timer. It’s amazing. I’ve only done a handful so far, but every single one has featured some element of “if your mind starts to wander, it’s okay, it’s normal, come back to your breath.”

Meditation is called a practice for a reason – it’s a muscle and if you work it you get stronger at it.

I hope this is helpful to any of my other triple threats out there. Try it for yourself and let me know how it goes.


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