Casually searching for a mother’s day poem, bursted crying like a child. I’m 30. Whats happening? : ADHD


Any old favourite songs: heavy breathing

Last month Paint it black was in the radio: I had to pull down and cry for a good 10 minutes.

Obvious lame “emotional” moment is a crappy movie: tearing up

And so on.

I was never an emotional guy, even less after I trained and learned to control my impulses and expressions fo that few emotions. Last time I cried I was about 10 years old.

For a good 20 years I often thougth I turned myself some kind of psychopath when I felt nothing about stuff I should have.

Then last few years, while still having only a few emotions but hardly feel anything (especially good and happy), I randomly start tearing up without really feeling any reason for it.

Whats happening?

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