Celebrating the little wins during quarantine : ADHD


My mentor always told me that with ADHD, it’s good to celebrate the small wins as much as the big wins. So that’s what I’ve been doing during quarantine.

I’ve been doing yoga more to help with my anxiety. I started meditating, and when I wake up in a panic attack, I can sometimes stop it with my breathing! I’m super proud of myself when I get out of bed or brush my teeth. My sister and I workout together which helps me stay in shape and remember to take a shower. I’m journaling to help me process my feelings and random thoughts because this is a scary time. I’m reading multiple books that make me smile because I can’t just pick one haha. And most days I remember to eat something and drink water.

College classes are still going really bad. My anxiety and panic attacks still happen. I’m still super upset with my family and sometimes myself. I don’t have my meds. I definitely need lots of therapy. But when I look at the list everyday of all my small wins, I can’t help but smile a little. 🙂

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