Change “I have to do X.” into “I can do X.” : ADHD


I talked about this in a comment and I thought ye might get something out of it so here’s a full post!

When I’m trying to motivate myself for an activity, let’s say making my bed, if I think “I have to make my bed.” it sounds so boring and I get a wave of anxiety that I won’t get it done, which is a wonderful way of getting into a negative spiral.

BUT if I say “I can make my bed.” I feel invested and confident and I often want to do it, almost like I can show off to myself.

If I then do it, a positive feedback loop is created and the task feels super satisfying, as opposed to shaming myself into it until I’m so beaten down I do it out of panic/guilt to stop the negativity.

There are times when this happens naturally too. If I’ve been traveling all day and I get home feeling gross I’ll think “Oh great, I can have a shower now!” when that very same morning I was probably thinking, “Ugh I have to shower and I just CAN’T!”.

To quote the great philosopher of our times, Pitbull, it lets me take “my life from negative to positive, I just want y’all know that.”

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