Constantly editing messages in order to be more concise. : ADHD


Recently I’ve been taking forever to type out anything other people will see (texts, social media captions and posts, etc.).

I would (questionably) consider myself a perfectionist and the last thing I ever want is for people to see me as unintelligent. Therefore I’ve always paid attention to how i present myself to others through my texts or captions. However more recently I will double, triple, and quadruple check them and almost always find mistakes!

And then I’ll spend more time than could ever be justifiable simply fixing them. I essentially rewrite the whole thing. Once I finish all that I’m fairly proud of my messages! (obviously different texts say different things, but i’m usually editing for clarity!) Sometimes though, once i’ve finished editing the moment has passed and the text is no longer relevant (usually in group chats!!).

Unsure if this is related to my recent start of medication, since i know i did this before, but never to this extent. It seems as if there’s more mistakes now, I’m constantly skipping over words or using the wrong form of certain words (your/you’re). So a once over check doesn’t seem unreasonable, but at this point it’s starting to feel a bit obsessive. Can anyone relate?

P.S. Is it ironic that this post was heavily, heavily edited and rewritten multiple times? lol

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