Context-Specific Dyadic Attention Vulnerabilities During the First Year in Infants Later Developing Autism Spectrum Disorder


The study was supported by the National Institute of Child Health and Development grant P01 HD003008 (to Dr. Chawarska), the Simons Foundation 187398 (to Ami Klin), and the National Institute of Mental Health grant R01 MH087554 (to Dr. Chawarska).

Ethical Considerations: All parents provided permission for their infants to participate via informed consent and the study was approved by the University’s Human Investigation Committee.

Drs. Chawarska and Macari served as the statistical experts for this research.

Disclosure: Dr. Shic has served as a consultant for Janssen and Roche. Drs. Macari, Reed, Powell, and Chawarska and Mss. Milgramm and Macris have reported no biomedical financial interests or potential conflicts of interest.

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