Cool Fact I came across! : ADHD


-Disclaimer: I feel like I need to say that I didn’t do any further research but I felt like this was cool and I wanted to share. If you have any input whether it is a correction, an experience, more information, really anything, I would love it if you shared!

I was reading about spirituality and ADHD and I found an article with a small portion of an interview between 3 people in India and an American. They were discussing the differences between how Americans view it and how Indian Culture views it. When the American told them that it is a disorder and its something that needs “fixing”, the Indian men were shocked. They responded and told him that in their culture, they see these individuals as holy and they respect them. They said that they believe ADHD people are holy because they are old souls living one of their last incarnations on their path to enlightenment and are experiencing more struggles and learning the bigger/harder lessons.

I believe the article was focusing on a selection from a book titled “The Edison Gene: ADHD and the Gift of the Hunter Child”, if you’re interested in reading about it! I thought this was very cool and motivating. I am very aware that we all have different beliefs, personally, I do resonate with reincarnation.

But like I said in the disclaimer, please feel free to share your input!! Lots of love and I hope that everybody is surviving this pandemic!

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