Did/do you also job hop? : ADHD


I never put 2 and 2 together. For past 3 years, I’ve bounced from one job to the next. I was running out of places to work (I’m also early 20s). From hotel to hotel, grocery store to grocery store, sales to sales, quitting was my thing. Impulsively quitting so many jobs, I could not control it. This year when I was doing tax returns to send to my family’s accountant, he told me why do I have so many Employer tax info slips. I found out I quit 20 jobs in the last year, I guess I also found out I’m really good at interviews.

It’s so embarrassing, but he said I might have ADHD, and he noticed a few people who bounce around jobs or work placements (who are his clients) have adult ADHD. So thats how my story of getting a referral began.

Has anyone else find out through noticing you’ve quit many jobs, or transferred many college programs that you have ADHD?

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