Did I blink and everything I thought I was diagnosed with change? : ADHD


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So, growing up my folks had a mindset of not telling me my diagnosis (ADD, Aspergers, and a learning disability) and having me be treated as “normal” as anyone else. This cause me to sink or swim a lot in life. I learned My diagnosis by reading the plaque of my doctor’s office one day. Still can’t believe it took me as long as it did to realize not everyone has a doctor like I did. My parents then told me everything. So as I left high school just kinda lived my life. Learned my patterns in life and worked a lot of who I was. Now I am in a masters program that I am so proud of making. But I’m terrified of not being to handle it, like my very difficult high school years. (The program I’m in allowed me to skip a bachelors degree as it counted my years in a ministry as the equivalent of a bachelors, so this is my first school experience since high school)

Now I’m a young adult and decided to find the ADD community here on reddit. As I’m trying to be better about the issues I’m diagnosed with. Oh, ADD and ADHD are now the same? But I’m not hyperactive? I am diagnosed with Aspergers, yet I always get the line “you don’t act like it.” I can’t even tell you what someone with Aspergers acts like because that title also feels like it’s changed as well.

Tried to go to a neurophysiologist. Was shut down by covid19. I’m hitting a wall with a summer course because I’m struggling to pay attention. Just needed to vent.

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