Do neurotypicals deal with this kind of stuff? : ADHD


To preface, I’m not diagnosed and I am NOT looking for a diagnosis/referral for help. I’m just wondering if anybody here can relate to these problems that I have had for a while, as a therapist in the past told me I may have ADHD. Like I’m not sure if these are very normal occurrences (not a big problem) and I’m just overthinking it.

1-I’m mostly high achieving in school but I have the worst time management, and it’s gotten worse since being in college. I do better on exams because those FORCE me to study (usually I cram all of it in the very night before) and I have to show up at a certain time to take it. I hate papers. I love writing, but I despise papers because I can never force myself to write until right before it’s due and sheer panic kicks in. I’ve also turned in papers late/begged for extensions because of my poor time management. Last semester I had a meltdown and didn’t turn in any of my finals.

2-I loose my stuff all the time. Especially my phone and my wallet. I can’t for the life of me remember where I put it. And then I go have a meltdown cuz I think it’s gone forever lol.

3-I zone out when people talk to me. Not all the time, but lectures I can’t for the life of my stay engaged during, and for some reason with family members especially I just mentally check out very often. I also have a hard time doing just one thing at once.

4-I get lost in thoughts CONSTANTLY. I don’t really get distracted by external stimuli, but my own thoughts all the time. Like all. The. Time. Maladaptive daydreaming I’ve heard it called?

5-Sometimes I feel like I don’t know how to read. Like I get so bored with reading even though I love the idea of it. I have years of books stacked up on my shelf that I will probably never read but want to, but when I go to read I fall asleep or get distracted.

6- I have a really hard time finishing things (chores, books, etc) and starting projects, especially for school. One time I started cutting my hair, got bored, and walked around for 2 weeks with half my hair cut 😂 there are interests I have, like drawing that I feel like I could be so good at but I have no patience for it

7- I feel restless a lot and always want to go out and be somewhere doing something. I’m very loud and rambunctious, but only with people I know well as I have severe SAD as well.

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