Do you ever feel like : ADHD


You are doing everything in your power, literally everything, and it still just isn’t enough to get by?

I apologise in advance for how depressing this post will probably be.

But I exercise everyday, I eat well, I got diagnosed a year ago, I am medicated, I listen to every criticism of my behaviour I have ever gotten and I reflect and change in accordance with that so I can be more acceptable and function better in society. I hide my emotions because they are too intense for people, I’m a chameleon and I change to fit with what other people expect of me, I assume that I am the one in the wrong whenever there is a conflict because usually it’s my fault because my executive functions don’t work properly. I slow down, I try to pay attention to detail, I hide my constant anxiety and do things I hate to please the people around me. I went to therapy a lot a lot of times.

I know there is a really simple answer to all of this, that answer would be not to be all things for all people but when your whole life has been rejection after rejection it starts to feel pretty darn personal.

Why do I have to do all of this to be accepted when other people probably don’t even think of doing these things for the benefit of others?

Again I apologise for how depressing this is. It just feels little sucky right now.

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