Does Getting Diagnosed Really Help : ADHD


If I got a diagnosis for ADHD would it really help me in my adult life as a 35F?

I already had a Dyslexia diagnosis. A while back my partner told me he believed I may be ADHD. My sisters has been recently obtaining a diagnosis for my niece. Following this my sister contacted me to tell me what she had learned with her daughter also made her think of me. We used to share a room and of all my siblings, she does know my mannerisms the most.

I saw a psychiatrist a little while ago who also believed I wasn’t depressed but ADHD and Autistic, that was actually a bit of a boost as she was very impressed with how I had coped. Getting a professional qualification out of sheer stubbornness as people didn’t think I would amount to much. Although I went to her because I struggle keeping on top with everything and felt down.

Although I’m 35 I often get treated like I’m 25 at work and I cannot blame them. My maturity always seems to be lower and I do look younger, but I have 12 years experience at the same time I shouldn’t be treated like a newbie. As a kid I thought it was other kids trying to act older. It took a while before I realised it was me being me that was immature.

I loss everything, I have no idea where my ID is. I should be working right now so I may not be able to respond for some time but my brain wont shut up about this so I thought I’d write a post to get it out to get back to work. I am currently also ignoring the mountain of washing up that is in my kitchen and the mess of a room that is immediately behind me. I hope now wants to video chat, as it’s either mess or a plushie collection that would not help with the immature thing.

I want to get a diagnosis for the ADHD and Autism. But I worry it will make my life worse if it’s acknowledged. I already get feel I’m hard to employ with the Dyslexia and that this will just add an extra load as to why someone wouldn’t want me working for them.

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