Don’t be afraid to go to a psychiatrist or seek a second opinion if you feel deep down something is wrong : ADHD


My journey started 5 years ago. I was late for everything, I kept forgetting important dates, I wasn’t able to start work on anything. Googled, and people recommended me to get checked for ADHD-PI. I went to a government hospital…and within 5 minutes the psychiatrist dismissed me, told me I didn’t have ADHD, and sent me out of the door.

First appointment – Psychiatrist said that it’s not ADHD as the symptoms were not present in childhood from ADHD

Despite this, I never stopped wondering though. Every now and then I see a post, an article, a video. And I just kept wondering over and over whether I have ADHD.

  • Even though my parents told me that it’s just some nonsense, and I’m just lazy, and I should stop trying to find excuses

  • Even though my sister who loves and supports me, who works in a childcare with children, told me that she doesn’t think I have ADHD and I should get screened for autism instead (I barely have any symptoms of autism)

  • Even though my girlfriend, who is very smart and compassionate, dismissed me and told me that I don’t seem ADHD at all to her.

It can be even harder if you’re PI, or if you’re female too, for which ADHD manifests more often as PI. Many people will just look at you, see that you’re not hyperactive, and attribute it to something else such as depression or anxiety instead. The common impression that most people have of ADHD is predominantly-hyperactive, and many of us PIs go unnoticed.

But deep down inside, most of us just have this strong feeling that doesn’t seem to go away. The first time I read about ADHD-PI, it felt like someone was explaining my whole life and the problems that I faced. Every video I watched, every book I read, everything made sense to me. When I first started reading this reddit, it felt like I had found my people. People JUST LIKE ME. People who understood me. People who’s experiences were like mine.

  • People who have always been described by teachers as smart, but lazy and unmotivated

  • People who are just literally incapable of starting any work until the last minute, while people around them just tell them they just need to sit down and start doing work

  • People who forget every important date, appointment, and are incapable of paying bills on time, then being told we’re forgetful

  • People who are late for everything, and being told we are irresponsible

  • People who cannot stay focused on anything, but can spend hours on something we really like, then being told we don’t really have any real problems focusing, we just can’t be bothered

You just know when you’ve found your people. You relate and identify with the things that they talk about. Your whole life, you grew up feeling different, misunderstood, and all of a sudden you’re in a group of people who are just like you and understand everything you’ve been going through. The only other time I’ve felt so strongly about finding my people was when I was 14 and I discovered that I’m transsexual. I’m 29 now, and not once have I ever doubted transitioning.

Today I went to see another psychiatrist. He told me that I do have the symptoms of ADHD. 8 symptoms total, 7 of which are inattentiveness. However to get an official diagnosis, he needs to interview my parents and it’s a lengthy costly procedure. But based on my recollection of childhood memories, he is positive that I have ADHD, and I can pursue the diagnosis if I want to, but it’ll also be cost more money and he’ll need to declare it to insurance. I told him that it’s enough, and I don’t need an official diagnosis as I was only seeking answers but not medication.

So finally, after 5 long years, I finally have the answer that I’m looking for. If you are in the same boat, wondering, worried about being an imposter, worried because you are highly functional in life, just go get yourself evaluated by a medical professional. Only you know yourself best. Trust what your gut is telling you.

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