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Hi everyone,

I’m an ADDult with two children. My eldest, a 5yo boy, has been showing signs that he may be developing ADD.

The problem I keep running into is that most of the information I can find says to compare him to other kids his age. The problem is that it’s kind of impossible for me to do right now.

I was wondering if anyone out there had tips on how to figure out if it’s ADD or a typical 5yo behaviour.

In particular, he’s showing a lot of those “point of performance” issues; namely:

The inability to self-soothe, despite knowing how

Being unable to connect action to consequence in the moment (e.g. I can talk to him an hour ahead of time, and he’ll say that he knows that if he gets changed for bed right after dinner, he can have some time to do something he really wants to do before books and bed, but when the time comes he is unable to trade the present moment for a reward even 5min away…)

Extreme difficulty ignoring distractions, and difficulty returning to the previous task, even if by some miracle he remembers what it was…

The problem is that I haven’t been able to find anything that can be used as a guide to help us differentiate between typical ability and milestones for his age.

Can anyone offer help in this regard? Thank you!

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