Editorial: Family History of Depression and Child Striatal Volumes in the ABCD Study: Promise and Perils of Neuroimaging Research With Large Samples


Every generation of psychopathologists is confronted with critical issues that, if left unaddressed, impede progress in both science and practice. As just one example, progress in psychiatry was hindered for many years by problems with diagnostic validity. Surmounting these problems required painstaking efforts to operationalize diagnostic criteria and to formulate effective structured interviews. More recently, critical issues facing psychiatry include tackling the so-called replication crisis, and mapping the overwhelming etiological complexity of psychopathology—two interrelated challenges. Many highly cited findings from past decades have failed to replicate, have not been subjected to replication, or have overestimated effect sizes considerably. Such findings apply to virtually all areas of psychiatric research, spanning genetics, central and peripheral biomarkers, and interventions.1,2

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