Education collaboration leads to stronger international ties | Australian Sports Anti-doping Authority


In late March 2020, the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Anti Doping Danmark (ADD) (Denmark) to enhance each organisations’ education programs.

ASADA CEO David Sharpe said such collaborations were “mutually beneficial” and helped the agency identify best practice around the world.

“ASADA is continually trying to improve, to share experience and to ensure the effectiveness of our programs in preventing doping in sport,” Sharpe said.

“ADD and ASADA will work together to identify the appropriate opportunities to collaborate and share resources that will enhance each anti-doping education program.”

The agreement allows for sharing of existing education resources, collaborating on the development of new or revised education resources, and conducting meetings aimed at sharing experience and knowledge in the field of anti-doping education.

Sharpe said the MoU would reduce global duplication of effort in anti-doping education and followed a similar agreement ASADA signed with Austria last year.

“ASADA is committed to working internationally with its national anti-doping partners to close any gaps and strengthen our own programs,” he said.

“A collaboration like this ensures the effectiveness of our programs and only serves to benefit the clean sport movement worldwide.”

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