Epidemiology, Treatments, and Cardiac Complications in Patients with Kawasaki Disease: The Nationwide Survey in Japan, 2017–2018


The survey identified 32528 patients with Kawasaki disease, which consisted of 15164 (46.6%) in 2017 and 17364 (53.4%) in 2018. The highest annual incidence rate was recorded in 2018 (359 per 100,000 children aged 0–4 years). After 1982, patients with ≤4 principal KD signs gradually increased, resulting in 6847 (21.1%) patients diagnosed during 2017–2018. Among 30784 patients receiving initial intravenous immunoglobulin administration, 6061 (19.7%) did not respond. Within 30 days of KD onset, 9.0% of patients were diagnosed with cardiac complications, and consequently, 2.6% of patients developed cardiac sequelae after the acute illness.

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