Every. Single. Time. I tell someone I have ADHD, they self diagnose themselves. It’s annoying and invalidating. : ADHD


sorry if this is long but i’m rambling

okay maybe not every single time, but most of the time i open up to someone about having adhd, they suddenly start thinking they have it too. i’m sorry but it’s annoying and really invalidating.

i mean, if they really do have adhd i would absolutely want them to get help and talk about it. but i don’t think people realize that everybody experiences the symptoms of adhd from time to time, the difference is that people with adhd will experience these symptoms far more than a neuro-typical person, a lot of times to a debilitating degree.

just because u get bored in class sometimes, or feel easily distracted every now and then doesn’t mean you have adhd. it’s so much more than that.

i just get bothered by this a lot because i truly struggled all my life from adhd and didn’t discover until i was 20. at that point my life was a scrambled mess, i felt like i was failing at the doing the bare minimum. because i was. my whole life failed at what everyone else was easily capable of, and never got help. i grew up in a fairly large family, im 1/5 children, with a conservatively religious mother and hispanic macho-man father so my mental health and needs were not on the top of their lists as it was pretty much non-existent to them. unfortunately at school i flew under the radar and was labeled as “lost potential” and “lazy” by my teachers. i was severely inattentive and day dreaming was an issue that my teachers consistently brought up in my report cards. instead of helping me, i was yelled at by my parents and constantly in trouble for something i didn’t even know was out of my control. as i moved through school my expectations for myself kept getting lower and lower. i convinced myself i was dumb, even though i’m really quite smart. by the time i was in my senior year of high school, i was 11 credits behind my peers and spent all my free time that year catching up. i graduated with a 1.2. i attempted a semester at community college a couple years later and miserably failed. several months after that i made an appointment with a psychiatrist. i was barely functioning at what i thought was normal.

so yeah, it’s not something that i thought of on a whim because i got bored of playing on my switch after an hour during quarantine. i’m sorry if i sound like a gatekeeping butthead, but it’s also very invalidating for me personally. it’s hard enough already for people to take us seriously because of all the stigma around adhd.

also someone i know personally is kinda doing this right now after i told them about my adhd and now they think they have it even tho they’ve never had any suspicions before. she’s literally been acting textbook adhd to the point that it’s cringey because she’s never been like this before. it’s stupid. this is why i don’t tell people.

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