Excited about something silly – routines are suddenly possible! : ADHD


For the past three years (although probably much longer), I have tried and failed to set up a morning and evening routine. Like, miserably.

Three months ago, I was diagnosed and given stimulants and, last night, I realized that I’ve managed to chain together a morning routine of six components! SIX! They’re all tiny, of course, but guys…. I have a routine in the mornings. As soon as my partner leaves to walk the dog, I take my meds, make the bed, open the curtains in the bedroom and house (which I actually remembered to close the night before), feed the cats, sort out the dogs food for the day, pack lunch for us, defrost something for dinner and then sit and draw/paint/journal for 15mins to half an hour.

For the past month or so, I’ve had this thought pop into my head every evening about exercise… like, every night I think to myself “I should start exercising tomorrow. Nothing big, 5 sit ups is good enough to get started”. Today, I did my first set of 5 sit ups because yesterday I decided when and where I was going to do them. For around a year, I’ve been trying to cut sugar from my coffee and I always just give up after like 2 cups of not enjoying it. A little over a week ago, I accidentally drank my partners’ coffee and he doesn’t take sugar. I didn’t even notice so now I’ve had sugarless coffee for a week. I’ve actually used my bullet journal daily for the past three months and just finished a notebook for the first time in my entire life.

They’re such tiny things but they were SO HARD before. It’s been this ongoing battle just to get the tiny things right, my whole life, and suddenly they’re possible. I don’t know how I managed to battle through life when even this small stuff was so difficult before and I’m just so grateful and happy that I’m finally getting the treatment I need and that it makes such a difference.

End of happy rant.

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