Experiences with Medication : ADHD


I’m a 25M who was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age, my parents never put me on medication because “it would turn me into a zombie”. When I was in university I considered taking them so I asked my friends who also had ADHD and was already taking them and he told me

“It solved my ADHD while I was on it, could work better, faster, could align my thoughts and piece them together really well. But the side effects were always worse than the ADHD itself. (I could pay attention in class, but I would be so anxious in class id have to leave). You lose a whole whack of personality. Just sorta became neutral and boring. Plus they’re addictive as hell and coming off of them was a wild fuckin ride I don’t want to do again”

My ADHD is so bad I’ve had a really hard time moving my life forward. I feel like I need to start taking them despite the side effects.

What have other people’s experiences been with medication? and does anyone have any advice for someone in my situation?

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