Fellow undiagnosed peeps, what are your top tips for getting by without meds? : ADHD



New here, undiagnosed and probably likely to stay that way until after quarantine / forever if my GP insists on my skeptical mother’s feedback for diagnosis.

In my country, Adderall is not available OTC and so self medicating is not really an option, that means I’m looking for advice to get by without meds. Here are my contributions.

  1. STOP. This has really helped me lately. When I notice behaviour I don’t want, lack of focus, I stop and ask myself what I’m doing and what I want to be doing instead. “Stop everything” for me, seems to be easier as a concept than “start doing something else”, but once I’ve stopped, I can switch tasks easier.

  2. Self-Parenting. This was a tip I picked up on a trauma survivor’s website, but I found it works really well. I use a sort of inner voice, internal Parent, role to talk to myself when I need to be doing better / differently. I talk to myself as if I were someone else, in a guardianship role over me, they’re always non-judgemental, completely compassionate, and always says sort of responsbile parenting type stuff. So instead of “now, I know I need to get the laundry out, but…” I think “All right, KingOfTheHoard, the next step is to take the laundry out. Don’t worry about it, the sooner you finish, the sooner you can do something nice.” My inner parent role is like having someone inside your head always looking out for your time management etc. It doesn’t always work because the inner parent is still part of my brain and can only remember what I remember, but it’s very helpful for those situations when you know what you need to be doing but your brain is struggling to execute it. (I could be wrong, but my personal theory about how this works is it kicks some parts of what you’re trying to do away from PFC / Executive function and off to a different part of the brain. Memory, speech, emotion, personality etc.

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