Few Tips to tackle ADHD : ADHD


  1. First and foremost accept that you have this condition rather than fighting it out. While you are fighting it your thinking starts with ‘Why i’m having this ?’, Why i’m unable to focus but once you accept it then you can work on tackling it by asking How!

  2. Whenever you need something for your task/project from web, collect all those resources beforehand by either bookmarking or clipping web content. Because when you browse through internet while on task chances are high that you will definitely get lost in that vast internet and totally forget about task at hand

  3. Plan to be average at best. Never i say never aim for perfectionism.

4 Remove unnecessary clutter from your life. Cleaning up unecessary stuff gives you peace of mind. Try unistalling those useless apps which you know wont be of any use to you!

5. Have a proper system. [Tip: Use this quarantine time to create one ] This is the most important thing. Without having a proper system you can’t tackle those shortcomings. Coz even if we are better prepared there will be so many bad days.

6. Never ever compare with others. The only thing you need to remember each and every day is How better you are dealing ADHD today compared to yesterday. Trust me nothing else matters.

7. Don’t try to fit everything into your daily schedule to be more ‘productive’. Priortize and do only what’s important for the day. And hey it’s not a crime to just spend some time doing nothing!

8. Have a place to store all those ideas that keep on coming through out the day. Make sure that you review that idea box each and everyday and clean up that ideabox/inbox. Lets just be honest shall we ? We ain’t got super brains to actually manage a week full of ideas at once. So its better to review ideas each and everyday.

9. We suck at organization but ADHD thrives at disorganization. Weekly once plan to tidy up that wardrobe or make your bed every morning after waking up. It will give you a headstart for the day.

10. Have one activity scheduled each and everyday which you actually love and need not to put any energy. By having something you can look forward to, you can end the day on a higher note. Nothing beats that feeling.

11. Planning proactively can save you lots of pain. Be specific on each and every task by writing your why. I know it’s a lot but ppl like us should be better prepared!

12. Lastly those unlimited thoughts/ideas you get, those happy-sad-happy-sad moments which you experience within a short span wont be going anywhere no matter what you do. So don’t take life seriously 🙂 and lets take it one day at a time. Shall we ?

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