Finally got diagnosed, having some questions. : ADHD


Hello everyone, I (19M) finally got diagnosed 3 days ago and got prescribed extended release methylphenidate 18 mg for the first week and 36 mg for after that. I gotta say, it’s nice being able to hear my own thoughts. I would appreciate if you could answer a few questions.

  1. The medicine gives me some pretty nasty nausea, will this ever go away? Is the immediate release variant the same? I tried to stay hydrated and eat well throughout the day.

  2. What’s your experience with caffeinated drinks? I drank some tea yesterday, and it made me quite agitated. I mean tea doesn’t have that much caffeine in it right?

  3. When will the euphoria wear off? I mean it’s a nice feeling, but I’m looking forward to the time I can focus normally without the euphoria.

P.s: Sorry for the bad English.

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