Finally started learning Japanese earnestly! : ADHD


So I’ve been really interested in the japanese Language as a 7 y/o (I’m 17 now) and I’ve need trying to study it since then but my attention span never cooperated.

I’d start studying the hiragana and katakana but after a day or two I would usually lose interest. This happened every few years aha.

But since I’m planning on going to Japan once the virus dies out completely (I was supposed to go on my 18th birthday but uhhh) and go on an art supply spree, I thought hey! I should really study japanese so I can understand what people are saying!

So I started learning kanji like a week ago and I study 30 min – 2 hours a day and though I often get distracted during studying I’m still able to focus just enough to learn stuff. Now I know my first 100 kanji! I was really ecstatic since years ago I couldn’t get past the hiragana and yet here I am!

I’m starting the next set of 100 and hopefully be able to learn them in a week or two~ Here’s to hoping this drive to learn the language doesn’t die out like it used to haha

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