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Interview by Annette Tabor

ADDA Support Group Calls are the best! As ADDA members we can’t wait to call in and connect with our friends.

Gary Gleason from Nevada wins the prize! He refused to let circumstance stand in the way of his “happy place”.

Gary, his wife and 2 fur babies started the morning with their typical run around the neighborhood. Gary stopped running in his tracks. He felt shortness of breath and his head was pounding. Frantic, his wife called 911. Rushed in an ambulance to the hospital, Gary was facing an overnight stay for next day procedures.

Upon wakening the next morning, Gary realized it was Tuesday. Tuesday is the day he had his ADDA Support Group Accountability for You. A support group facilitated by Doug Snyder and Brittany Smith. A support group he never missed. A determined Gary thought, “There is no reason why I can’t call into my Accountability Group. I’m well. I’m hyper focusing. I’m looking forward to it!”

In the midst of a career change, Gary counted on the call to help him keep track of this job transition. He did not want to miss a week since he had been calling in every week for a few months! He and his wife had participated in other accountability groups. This ADDA group was special. He was not about to miss!

It was time to make the call! Gary heard familiar voices. He smiled and he began to feel happy! Laying in a hospital bed waiting for procedures didn’t stop Gary from following his heart.

No visitors allowed, he no longer felt alone! His friends wishing him well and cheering him on; mental clarity set in. Gary was ready to tackle work when he returned home the next week. He also made plans to call into next week’s call.

Gary reflected on his experience and said,

“I still joke with my wife. I never lost consciousness because my ADHD brain was not about to silence! I had too many thoughts to process!”

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