For all of you working from home, especially students like me, open your curtains and let some light in. : ADHD


I have been at uni for the past 4.5 years (only the last year has been diagnosed and medicated), and I thought I liked being in the dark. My study routine has been minimal when I’m optimistic, non-existent when I am realistic. I leave all my assignments to the last minute because I can’t motivate myself any other time, and this includes daily chores and generally looking after myself. It would also surprise few of you to know that I play games a lot, and so my time is usually spent in my room with curtains drawn. But in the last few days I have finally figured out how to give myself that burst of motivation and feel good that seem to sporadically occur every now and then. The sun. Seems so simple, but due to my habits, I tend not to expose myself to sunlight while working, and I have only just now figured it out. So I hope this helps someone like me, who has locked themselves inside for ages, be it just this isolation, or longer than that. Now all I have to do is learn how to channel that burst of energy into my work and maybe I can become that functioning adult I’ve been trying to imitate for so long. Good luck friends.

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