Going through a self-imposed stimulant pause to “reset” before work/school resume. Holy shit everything is so impossibly boring right now. : ADHD


I take stimulants from my doctor to help with work and school, and I’ve been on them a long time. Every now and then, if I have an opening, I stop taking them for a bit to beat back tolerance and prevent addiction. Well quarantine, unemployment, and the end of the semester offer a prime opportunity to do it that I haven’t had in a few years.

So I’m on my 2nd day with no stimulants and Jesus Christ, this is always the worst part. Just like a week of having zero energy or will to do anything, but every little thing you do try to do is just immediately boring and fails to stimulate. Today I’ve tried:

Reading 2 different book, some comics, playing half a dozen different games, go for a walk, watch at least 8 different new shows/movies, and not a single one of them held my attention for more than 10 minutes tops. I’m just laying here, slipping in and out of naps, looking out at the nice weather and wishing I could enjoy it.

Fucking I hope this only lasts a few days like last time.

That’s all. Just needed to get that out.

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