Guys, rewatch your favourite movies… : ADHD


So I am 37m diagnosed and medicated at 35. I always read very fast and absorbed conceptual information very quickly but never realised how much detail I was not conscious of. An example, I quite literally could not hear rap lyrics growing up so never appreciated them. On medication suddenly there were these witticisms and tempo manifestations that I hadn’t noticed before. I have had the same thing with books.

I watched Avengers EG unmedicated when it came out and just watched it again. (actually paused to type this) Except this time I happened to be on concerta. There is so much fucking detail in this movie… Especially in the final battle. Just the amount of nods to the whole series as well as the micro interactions that happen with so many characters in such a small space of time…

When I first watched this, i thought it was ok, maybe even disappointing because on a macro scale it is not an exceptional story. But this time seeing all this detail hidden in the moments within moments I am really enjoying it.

I am not saying this to big up Marvel. I am saying this because I am going to rewatch all of my favourite movies! Especially those lauded for this sort of attention to detail.

It also humbled me a bit because I wonder what other micro universes of exploration I could be missing because I didnt know they were there.

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