“have a moment to talk” from boss : ADHD


I missed a text from my last night boss at 6 pm (3 hours after they are done) asking if I had a moment to talk. I didn’t see it till 10:30 which was past my bedtime so I didn’t respond in fear of waking him up (he starts before me). I texted instead when I woke up and knew he would be awake that I could call then or when my shift started at 7. No response.

I spent the whole night replaying every mistake iv made. Thinking I’d be fired, or what I was in trouble for, everything. I barely slept I was so worried. And put my self so down thinking of how long the list I had made was. I almost posted last night I was such a mess but feared it would keep me more awake.

All it was, they had a job that was requested late for a 9pm delivery that night and he was asking if I could do it.

We are our worst critics, I wish that simple text didn’t send me into a panic for nothing. Also text the questions not if I’m free to respond!

Anyway, wanted to share.

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