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(Questions for adults who have AD(H)D)

Have you ever observed AD(H)D symptoms in young children in general, before they mature?

Sometimes either in person or on television, etc, when observing young children’s’ behaviour, I can relate to their lack of control of attention, impulses and hyperactivity.

What we call “AD(H)D Symptoms” are normal behaviors in young children, before they develop better self control.

So the question is not why where we born with these behaviors, (because lack of control of attention, impulsiveness and hyperactivity are considered normal in all people when they are young), but why did we not develop better self control of attention, impulses and hyperactivity?

(I was first introduced to this kind of thinking by Dr.Mate, but today I was observing and relating to a young child’s behaviors and understood the importance of understanding these normal timelines in development and for my own learning purposes want to try and express in my own words, my own observations, in this thread.)

Why did we not develop better self control of our attention, impulses and hyperactivity?



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