How Big is Your God


Combining Eastern and Western religions Dr. Coutinho says God is an experience of the divine constantly calling you to deeper communion. God is always bigger than anything we know about God. Paul talks about his encounter with Mother Theresa and comments on the reports of her 25 year depression. A fascinating account of her simplistic faith of faith without clarity. How being a saint blocks access to the shadow which is one of the fundamental roots of the divine. The importance of beginner's mind with infinite possibilities vs, the limited growth of being an "expert."

Fr. Paul Coutinho, S.J. is an internationally recognized Ignatian scholar, author, and speaker who brings an Eastern flavor to Western spirituality. A native of India and a Jesuit from the Bombay province, he frequently leads retreats, gives spiritual direction, and trains people to lead the Spiritual Exercises. He holds master’s degrees in both clinical psychology and religious studies, and he has a doctorate in historical theology from Saint Louis University, where he specialized in Ignatian spirituality and is now a visiting theology professor and on the Advisory Board of the Review for Religious and the Faculty Advisor for the Theology Club.

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