How do I not ruin my day by hyper focusing on a minor inconvenience? : ADHD


Hi everyone this is my first post on reddit (so I’m a little nervous) but I’m excited to finally be part of a community where I can ask questions.     But anyways does anyone else get unnecessarily upset or depressed over something so minor then hyper focus and spiral into a pit of despair? 

For example, today I was trying to clean my room and I accidentally dropped a cup and it shattered (no big deal it happens) but it went everywhere. Because my room was already messy I got angry that I dropped it, that I let it get this messy, that now it was worse than before and if I just cleaned more often I wouldn’t be dealing with it. Then I got upset that it takes me so long to clean everything and that no matter how hard I try it’s never clean enough and that I broke a cup I no longer have a full set of cups and then continued to spiral till I just couldn’t clean and cried.

I don’t know if anyone else does this too but if you do how do you just pull it together and not let it ruin your day? As well as not letting the inconvenience make you lose complete and total motivation to finish what you started?

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