How do you stop fixating on “what if’s” of the past? : ADHD


I lost an important relationship of mine because of a short temper. I always overreacted and when she left I was devastated.

Recently I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD. While I’m glad to have validation that I really am overreacting and there’s a reason why I acted against my own best interests. That said, I. Can’t. Forget. Her.

I’ve convinced myself that she was the one, I wish that I could’ve told her that “yes, I was the problem, I had an untreated mental disorder the whole time. No it doesn’t excuse my past behavior but at least now I can have a game plan for improvement and know it’s the right path. I hope you can forgive me and with we could try again”

But it’s too late, she’s moved on to someone else and they’ve been together longer than we have. There’s no way she even thinks about me and its debilitating.

TL;dr: I’m safe and healthy, but I’m heartbroken for things that could have been with “the one” if only I was diagnosed one year ago

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