how do you understand what you actually want when you can’t properly process your thoughts? : ADHD


I’ve been having this problem a lot.

Example: I’m watching TV, I feel frustrated, the thought comes ‘I should be doing something else’ ‘what could I be doing?’ ‘oh, I know, I could do this’ ‘and this is also something I could do’ ‘Oh but I can’t do that because I don’t have this…’ then unfailingly during this thought monologue I’ll lose myself, becoming more confused than before, with no more clarity regarding the original question.

This makes taking action really difficult: how can you take the initiative, when you don’t know what exactly to tackle, process how to tackle it, or even, most importantly, how you feel about tackling it, and whether you even meant to do so.

I think this is what has sent me down irrelevant tangeants in the past, when I’ve tried to force myself into action after being fed up with the neverending passiveness. Sometimes, I even have strong feelings about a certain matter or choice, but I can’t decipher it further beyond knowing that I feel rotten and anxious.

I only reach clarity once I have the chance to talk to my sister about it, who has to break down with me, what I actually think, what thereal issue is and how to tackle it. In that moment it always seems so obvious – it is obvious, and I don’t how I missed the conclusion again.

Isn’t that ridiculous and sad? I know it’s our dysfunction with processing information, but how can we get around this? Its the cause behind so much disorder and inaction.

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